Top 10 Skills Graduates Need To Get a Job Fast

With so many students graduating every year, employers are faced with a tough decision to make when it comes to selecting the best and most highly skilled fresh graduates for their entry-level positions. Therefore, it’s very important that your applicant focus on the skills and knowledge that can make you stand out amidst the competition.

To do so, you need to be familiar with the specific skills hiring managers to seem and how you can demonstrate your abilities in these specific areas through your CV, application form or interview.

No doubt, certain positions require specific skills, however, some skills have value for almost all positions, irrespective of the industry. Here, in this content, we’ve highlighted the top 10 graduates who need to get a job.

Skills Graduates Need to Get a Job

1. Teamwork

It is obvious that at one point in time, most graduates had had the opportunity to work in a team during their studies, in an academic group, or a business while on internship. Employers seek evidence that you can corporate with other colleagues toward a shared outcome, and put every effort as much as possible to attain the results.

Strong teamwork ability, which is one of the skills that graduates need to get a job includes the capacity to collaborate, corporate, and work within a multidisciplinary team.

Effective teamwork involves exhibiting confidence in the team, sharing labour, learning from others, and being firm yet fair.

2. Problem Solving

Solving problems, be it small or complex, is an everyday life activity. During your time in school, some of the problems that you would have come across include: working on your assignments or projects, dealing with problematic customs during your volunteer work or internship.

Any job, whether big or small, will surely present its problems at some point which makes problem-solving skills one of the skills that graduates need to get a job fast. Employers are interested in how you approach difficulties. If you’re in an interview, be ready to give concrete examples.

3. Decision Making

Decision making is a very crucial skill required in any time of work setting in several situations. Whether the issue comes from a customer or is within the staff, decision making needs to be done and not always by managers.

When making decisions, you must follow the right procedures before you conclude to avoid misjudgment.

4. Good Communication

Communication skills are one of the basic yet vital skills that you possess.  Every hiring manager will look forward to hiring a fresh graduate with good communication skills that can communicate wl in diverse situations, both verbally and in writing.

Generally, employers find out how well you can communicate by reviewing your application and during in-person interviews.

5. Digital Skills

With the evolution of technology in the world, the demand for digital skills will continue to be high. Therefore, irrespective of the position you are applying for, you will certainly stand out amongst other applicants.

Some of the highly sought-after digital skills include programming, web design and development, digital marketing, cyber security, SEO, SEM, online customer service, etc. These skills are in high demand worldwide.

6. Business Acumen (Commercial Awareness)

Business acumen is vital skill employers seek from graduates. It involves knowing how a business or industry works and also what makes it stand firm irrespective of fierce competition in the marketplace.

Exhibiting that you have the knowledge and understanding of what the company wants to achieve via its products and/or services, and how it competes with rivals in the marketplace makes you a special candidate that employers need in their team.

7. Ability to Plan and Organise

Planning is a very important skill in many businesses. This can range from developing a strategy and delivering a key project to crafting a plan to implement new working practices. Graduates out to demonstrate that they can organize, plan and follow through in other to be the perfect candidate for entry-level positions.

This also involves showing that you can prioritize work efficiently and productively, and also best manage your time. It’s also crucial you let employers know how to decide what’s important to focus on and get done, and how you work your way towards meeting deadlines.

8. Analytical skills

Analytical skills allow you to work with various kinds of information, view patterns and trends and come up with meaningful conclusions from them. These kinds of skills are often assessed using aptitude or psychometric tests and if you possess such skills, a lot of employers would want to work with you. 

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9. Leadership

You may not get into a managerial position immediately but it’s expected of you as a graduate to show potential to motivate teams and other coworkers that may work alongside them. It’s more like the ability to assign and delegate tasks effectively, set deadlines and also lead by good examples.

10. Technical Knowledge of the Role

In certain fields like science, medicine or IT, it’s also important that graduates should possess a degree of technical knowledge as a prerequisite to securing a job. This can be skills such as programming or scientific analysis, etc.

With that being said, graduates will have more chances of landing their dream if they can apply their technical skills within the workplace. If you are updated with technical and product knowledge you can help the company to be more likely to deliver innovation. And from the ground point of, customers often judge a company based on the knowledge that their staff exhibit to them.


Those are the top 10 skills that graduates need to get a job fast. If you’re able to possess most of those skills, you are certain of landing a job for yourself as quickly as possible without having to spend months or even years looking for a good job.