Top 10 High-Paying Careers for Women

Compared to the male gender, the pay gap persists, but the high-paying careers for women give an exception, making women earn comfortably in their careers.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, women earn 82 cents for every dollar earned by men. 20 cents more than in 1979, the first year the statistics figure was first released.

Unfortunately, not all jobs offer the same job opportunities for working women. That is the reason we have put together this piece of content to cover the discrepancies between the earnings of women in various careers.

Keep reading to learn more about the high-paying careers for women in case you want to start a career or transition to a new career.

High-Paying Careers for Women

1. Pharmacists

Pharmacists are top professionals in the healthcare industry and one of the high-paying careers for women. They manage and distribute medications to patients who have received a prescription from a professional doctor.

Additionally, they offer advice on the medication usage they give to their patient. While it is common to find pharmacists working in drugstores and groceries, others can be found working in hospitals or clinical settings.

Before pharmacy can become a high-paying career for you, it is mandatory you not only hold a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy but also a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and must be licensed.

Pharmacists must possess a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and must be licensed. Pharmacists can obtain licensure by passing two professional exams.

The average income for pharmacists is about $112,320 per year.

2. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A Chief Executive Officer plan, coordinate and oversee a company’s operations. He or she ensures that the company meet their target and goals at all costs.

In terms of their work settings, CEO work in a variety of public-and-private-sector industries.

Although CEOs typically earn the highest salary than any other management positions, they often work extremely harder and longer hours than the majority of positions and are responsible for the growth and success of their companies.

As one of the high-paying careers for women, CEOs earn an average income of $106,652.

3. Computer and Information System Manager

Computer and information systems managers also referred to as information technology managers—devise, coordinate, implement, and analyse computer-related projects or issues.

Their core roles include direct work in both software and hardware, database development, web design, and also the overarching job of designing a company’s IT approaches and strategies

For any IT profession, a bachelor’s degree in the related field is mandatory for entry-level positions, while higher-level professionals possess more specific graduate programs and relevant work experience in the field.

Female IT managers earn an average annual income of $99,320

4. Physician

Physicians are also ranked among the high-paying careers for women. They examine patients, diagnose medical conditions, and provide treatment plans.

As a vast profession, there are over 10 different specialities and subspecialties for physicians. These include internal medicine, paediatrician, family physician, surgeon, and more.

Women physicians earn an average yearly income of $99,060, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

5. Physician Assistants (PA)

A PA assesses the medical conditions of every patient, diagnoses injuries or illnesses, and recommends treatments to the treatments.

Physician assistants work in healthcare facilities, hospitals, and other medical practices. They also conduct with physicians and refer complex cases to physicians, specialists, and surgeons.

Like other high-paying careers for women, female physician assistants earn an average yearly income of $98,488.

6. Nurse Practitioner

From the look at the five high-paying careers for women that are listed above, healthcare professions tend to be the best-paying jobs for women, and nurse practitioners are no exception.

Generally, nurse practitioners coordinate patient care, working independently or corporate with physicians. They also provide either primary or specific health care treatments to their patients.

Nurses are highly-ranked professionals in the healthcare industry and at least a master’s degree in the field and a registered license are required before you can earn a good living as a nurse.

Women nurse practitioners earn an average yearly income of $97,084.

7. Engineers

Engineers are highly-skilled professionals and as such, they are regarded as one of the high-paying careers for women.

Basically, engineers create, design, modify and fix electrical, chemical, mechanical, computer, and other physical structures. They specialize in various areas like computer, electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering.

In terms of earnings, they vary depending on the particular engineering discipline, but the average salary is often around six figures. For example, chemical engineers earn an average yearly salary of $96,824

However, the general average salary for engineers is about $71,864

8. Software Developer

Apart from the healthcare and engineering industries, the tech industry is one of the high-paying careers for women. Software developers for example are one of the many good-paying jobs within the tech industry.

Software developers create and implement computer programs. They do everything starting from eliciting users’ needs to designing and implementing the applications and also writing codes to improve existing software.

The field of software development is projected to grow rapidly every year and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts, 22% growth is expected between the years 2022 and 2030.

Women software developers earn an average yearly income of $89,856.

9. Lawyers

Lawyers or Paralegals counsel and represent individual clients, businesses, government, or non-profit organizations on legal issues or legal disputes.

First, becoming a lawyer requires a bachelor’s degree and also law school training. And to work as a professional, you will have to pass your state’s bar examination.

Female lawyers or paralegals earn an average yearly income of $86,580

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10. Human Resources Manager (HR)

Human resources managers are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and employing new candidates for a company.

Additionally, they are involved in other aspects of employee relations like benefits, payroll, and training. They are generally equipped with the right skills to handle workplace conflict and be ready to resolve disputes in the workplace.

As one of the high-paying careers for women, although not as lucrative as the other nine listed above, the female human resources managers earn an average yearly income of $83,148.


The male gender generally earns more than the female, but the above high-paying careers for women offer the female gender an added advantage of earning a lucrative income in these careers.

If you haven’t decided on the career to focus on yet, choose either of the 10 high-paying careers for women to earn a substantial sum of income. But if you’ve started a career already, you can decide to transition into one of these high-paying careers for women that are somehow related to the one you are currently into.

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