Top 10 High Income Skills To Learn In 2022

With the current diversion to the use of technology, there are high income skills proven to make good money in today’s current market trends.

Without any doubt, people who have these high income skills earn much more than those without these skills.

So, if you desire to make steady 6 figures, depending solely on your education background won’t get it for you. You need to acquire some high income skills that can get you the 6 figures and make you wealthy even without having a college degree.

Curious to learn about these high income skills that can generate you steady wealth? Keep reading…

What are High Income Skills?

High income skills are skills that are high in demand and can generate a steady 5 to 7 figures monthly.

Acquiring such skills doesn’t require a college certificate. Even if you have never been to college before, you can acquire these high-paying skills.

The good part is, you can learn some of these skills yourself; either online using online videos, podcasts, blog posts or offline via books or face-to-face training.

10 High Income Skills

There are so many skills to learn these days, however, we’ve compiled the list of high income skills that can make you five to seven figures.

1.  Programming

Programming has always been one of the top high income skills anyone can learn. It involves the process of writing a set of computer instructions that tells the computer to perform certain tasks.

Programming is done via a variety of computer languages called programming languages. There are numerous programming languages out there that are high in demand and are high income skills to learn.

With the continuous growth of computers and technologies in every field including medicine, engineering, finance, programming languages will continue to be a top high income skill. So far, communication, currencies, businesses and lots more have all gone digital, all thanks to programmers who made it possible.

Programming has made a lot of people wealthy. some of the well-known programmers include Bill Gates, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others.

As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous programming languages out there to learn. However, JavaScript, Python, C++, Go, Rust, and Solidity are some of the high paying programming languages to learn this year that can make you wealthy.

If you’re interested in learning programming, YouTube, Udemy, SkillShare, Codeacademy, and Freecodecamp, are the best platforms online to learn programming.

2.  Copywriting

Copywriting is a form of content creation for advertising or marketing. The main goal of the “copy’ i.e content, is to persuade customers to take action, it can be to make purchases.

Copywriting also entails writing emails, landing page contents, sales, copy, social media ads e.g Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, etc. With the vast increase of online businesses, copywriting is one of the top high income skills to learn than can make you financial endowed.

 All business that has an online presence needs a copywriter. It can be to create content that can persuade existing or new customers into patronizing their products or services.

3.  Video Creation/Production

Video creation is another profitable skill to learn that can make you rich.  It is high in demand in every field, which means getting jobs wouldn’t be much of a hassle

Companies in the field of sports, entertainment, technology, require video creators to produce videos for them. it can be short videos, animation, or videography.  All that is required is for you to be deeply rooted in video creation and also be creative.

4.  Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very robust niche that is currently high in demand. Every company out there needs a digital marketer to help them create or boost their online presence.

Digital marketing is a very broad niche that encompasses the followings;

  • Market Research
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing

Without any doubt, digital marketing is one of the best high income skills to learn if you desire to be financially free. And once you’re able to offer any of the above, you can start by freelancing to gain experience and awareness before starting up your digital marketing agency.

5.  Web Development

Without a degree, web development had transformed the lives of so many individuals. It is one of the high income skills that can generate you steady five to six figures once you are very good at it.

Web development is the act of building websites.  it can be in the form of blogs, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce, portfolio, sales/landing page, etc.

With every business creating an online presence for themselves, there will ways be a need for a website designer and developer. An official website is required by a company to build a reputable online presence.

Web development is divided into the following aspects:

  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Full-stack development

Frontend web development is concerned with the creation of user interfaces, interactions, and experience.  Languages such HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SASS, and libraries or framework like ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, etc. are used for front-end web development.

Backend development involves the storing and manipulation of data on the server.  It can be achieved using languages like PHP, Python, JavaScript, Rust, Solidity, Rust, Go, etc.

While Full-stack web development is the combination of both frontend web development and backend web development.

Just like with programming, you can learn web development on YouTube, Codeacademy, Udemy, or Freecodecamp.

6.  Public Speaking

Public speaking involves presenting a speech to a live audience. It is however known as a formal, one-to-one, speaking to a group of people by a knowledgeable person.

This high-paying skill can be very tough, but it is one of the high income skills worth learning this year.

However, public speaking would be much easier to work on once you’re good at speaking with a large number of people without being frightened.

Also, if you take aside the income you stand to benefit as a public speaker, it is a rewarding skill, it is gratifying soul-satisfying, and an appreciated skill.

7.  Data Analysis

With the surge of data both offline and online, data analysis has become one of the high income skills that are high in demand and can make you wealthy.

Data analysis involves inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modelling data to extract vital information from it. They are numerous companies out there that needs data analyst to work on their existing data and come up with information that can be beneficial to the company.

If you’re familiar with data manipulation or wants to get into it, be rest assured that you will be learning one of the most profitable skills in the market currently.

8.  Investing

Investing involves spotting assets with the potential to accumulate profits, and being able to see them until it reaches a profitable outcome.

With the rise and popularity of forex, cryptocurrency, real estate, you can tell how profitable it is to be good at investing.

This year and more years to come, web 3.0 and cryptocurrency will continue to be in vogue, learning how to properly invest will make you wealthy during these years.

9.  Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the process of developing mobile applications be it a native application or cross-platform application.

Native mobile application development involves the development of mobile apps that run on a particular mobile operating system. For Android, it can be done using Java or Kotlin while for iOS it can be done using Objective C or Scale.

Cross-platform mobile application is the development of mobile apps that runs on various mobile operating system e.g. Android and iOS.  This can be achieved using Flutter or React Native.

there are a lot of apps available to both Android and iOS users making mobile application development one of the high income skills to learn this year.

As a mobile app developer, there are plenty of options that you can use to make money using your skills. Below are the three common ways to make money as a mobile app developer.

  • Creating a premium app where users need to pay to access certain features.
  • Building an app and monetizing it using popular ad networks like Admob
  • Rendering mobile app development services to clients (freelancing)

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10.  Teaching

 This may look strange to you but teaching is one of the high income skills online that can also make you good figures. All you need is to be experienced in a particular field and confident with speaking with people (in this case, students).

There are so many ways you can make money as a teacher online. I’ll be highlighting three ways you can make money as a teacher.

One on One Teaching: this looks similar to the normal offline mode of teaching. However, in this case, you need to build your reputation online as an experienced person on certain topics. A lot of people will be willing to pay for your mentorship or private training.

Using YouTube: a lot of people make use of YouTube to learn new things. Once you’re experienced in certain topics you can choose to upload them on YouTube and monetize your YouTube channel using Adsense. You can also get private sponsors for each video you make.

Creating courses: you can ever go further by packaging your training videos and materials in form of a course and selling on platforms like Udemy. There are a lot of users using Udemy so you don’t have to worry much about promoting your courses all by yourself.


Those are the top 10 high income skills to learn this year that can make you wealthy. I hope you learnt a lot going through the article.

Now, I’d like to hear what you wish to share with us

Which of the above high income skills do you want to learn first?

Will it be programming, digital marketing, or which?

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