10 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately

Take it or leave it, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, there are certain undeniable signs you shout quit your job immediately.  Yes, they are many of such that require you to take action if you want to succeed in your professional career.

But, don’t take it wrongly; you are not the only one to encounter such in the workplace. At some point, in the career of most professionals, they encountered some signs that made them want to quit their job.

So, you see, you are not the only one to experience this. I once did, likewise, many professionals out there too.

However, how to know when it’s time to quit your job is what you should keep at the back of your mind so that you don’t end up making the wrong decision. This is the reason why I have outlined the top 10 signs you should quit your job immediately in this guide.

Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately

Below is the list of the 10 signs you should quit your job immediately. I will elaborate on each of them to better understand and make the right decision.

#1: Always Unhappy at Work

What is your reaction every day when you wake up from sleep and realize that you need to go to your workplace? Do you have that feeling that you are bored, depressed, or misunderstood?

Or do you also imagine yourself doing something completely different from what you are currently doing? If this persists, then it is one of the obvious signs you should quit your job.

Such feelings don’t pop out of the box. You are burning out and not currently in the right position in your career. Don’t deprive yourself of the benefits you stand to gain once you transition into a new role or get another job.

As a professional, there is nothing that is more self-satisfying than being mentally connected with the job you are doing. Once you lack this, you will find it very difficult to excel in your role.

#2: You Procrastinate More Often

At some, everyone procrastinates, but when you don’t get to find your work that engaging, you may end up procrastinating more than you do your work.

 For instance, whenever you find yourself browsing through social media after taking excuses from work, it means you don’t find your work engaging and interesting.

If this persists and you see yourself procrastinating more than you work, it is high time you looked into the work. It can be one of the clear signs you should quit your job.

#3: You Don’t Like the Skills Use Daily

In most cases, employees are fond of making more their top priority in their careers. The same may be said about you, it can be possible that you are doing your best in your work, not because you enjoy the skills you offer, but because of how lucrative the pay is.

You might be good with some skills, but deep down you are certain that you don’t enjoy utilizing them regularly. For example, you may be good at record-keeping or data analysis, but that doesn’t mean you enjoy using it for your daily work.

And once you keep experiencing this discomfort in your workplace, probably what you need to do is consider transitioning to another role.

#4: You are Confident that You are Meant for Something Bigger

If you keep having thoughts of the bigger, better, and more rewarding things you stand to benefit from once you snap to another role or job, they are clear signs you should quit your job.

This may sound boastful to you. Well, I get, but you know, success awaits no man.  You being stagnant in a particular role would deprive you of many things you deserve.

Once you know deep down you are meant for something better in your career, take a step further and go for it.

Besides, most successful professionals at some point had to change careers. Since this is one of the clear signs you should quit your job, your case might be to change to another industry in the same career or completely change to a new industry and career.

Whichever one that will yield the best results, consider planning your career change properly before you quit your job.

#5: You Feel Left Out

Do you feel like you don’t perfectly fit well with the operations of the company?

Or Is it that you don’t value the company’s culture, mission, and vision? These are clear signs you should quit your job.

Quitting your job can be very tough, but it is better to quit the job when you are very sure that you are not supposed to be a member of the company.

As a professional, the progress of your career matters a lot. Not moving on may jeopardize the progress of your professional career.

#6: The Job is Affecting Your Health

Many factors can lead to poor health as a result of your work. For example, do you fall sick more frequently than you ever did? Do you work too many hours that you don’t have time for good sleep, exercise, or eat well? Are you fond of resulting to taking a glass of wine to cool off a hectic day at work? These can negatively affect your health and they are also clear signs you should quit your job immediately.

In as much as you aim to be at your best in every stage of your career, no job is worth sacrificing your health and wellbeing. If you can comfortably deliver your work daily without passing through such stress, the job is worth retaining, otherwise, it is not.

But don’t get it wrong. There are some periods in every work that the demand may be high or there may be pressure to meet clients’ deadlines, these also can lead to stress. However, it is not supposed to be frequent.

#7: Your Pay is Too Poor

Some may prefer a lower salary with added unique opportunities or other perks and allowances. But, if you evaluate your salary as a worker and you feel you are heavily underpaid, it is a sign you should quit your job for another.

As a professional, being heavily underpaid doesn’t speak well of you. It means that the company does not value your services or potential growth.

Getting a job can be very difficult, especially when you keep making these mistakes that will make you not get a job. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people consider getting a job with a lower salary than being unemployed.

It is a bold step to take when you are just starting your career. However, after you’ve gained some work experience, it is better to move on to better opportunities than to be tied down with frustrations.

#8: You are Overqualified for the Job

In some cases, it is a best practice to apply for jobs you are overqualified for just to gain employment status and be able to cater for some of your financial needs and expenses.

However, even if you didn’t get the job as an overqualified candidate at first, anytime you feel you are overqualified for a job, then there is no need to remain working in the same position.

Without any doubt, that is an obvious sign you need to quit the job and look for something that falls under your qualification.

It is advisable to job hunt while you work to still maintain the employment status, and after you get the job then you can decide to quit the job completely.

#9: Nothing You Do is Ever Enough

In a case where no matter what happens, whether you were the first to join the company, you always meet deadlines when delivering your tasks, or you outperform your colleagues, and you are not appreciated by your manager, those are good signs you should quit your job for another.

Whenever your manager pushes for more no matter the efforts you put into the work you do, there is certainly no limit to it. This can in turn affect you personally because you will feel less confident in yourself and may doubt that you are the perfect candidate for the role you are handling.

#10: There are Better Opportunities Available Outside the Company

As a professional, you need to maintain a strong work ethic in your workplace. But when you get opportunities that are better than your current job and are related to what you do, it is also a good move to pursue them too as long as you can maintain good work ethics there as well.

The better opportunities can be in the form of higher salaries, career advancement, professional fulfilment, and a broader professional network or connections.

While it is better to go for related jobs in your industry, you can also go for those outside your industry once you are confident that you can work well in the role and also maintain a good work ethic while working.


Quitting your job can be a very tough decision to make and it is one of the least advice any career adviser can give to you.

But in some cases like the ten signs you should quit your job highlighted in this article, quitting your job can never be overemphasized as a poor decision.

However, you shouldn’t make your decision at a single occurrence of the signs mentioned here. It should occur a couple of times and if it inevitably will repeat itself, you should take them as signs to quit your job.

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