How to Succeed in a New Job – 7 Easy Steps

Just landed a new job for yourself? You are surely going to be traumatised which is why it is a good practice to learn how to succeed in a new job. And for that, we got you covered in this article.

It is normal for a new hire to find it difficult at first to adapt to a new role, and if not properly taken care of, he or she may find it very difficult working effectively in the company. This can badly affect your career if you fall under this category as a newly employed candidate which is why it is very important to tackle the problem at the very beginning before it gets out of hand.

Read on to learn the easy steps to take on how to succeed in a new job.

How to Succeed in a New Job

Below are the 7 steps on how to succeed quickly in a new job.

1.  Be Very Friendly

This is a pretty straightforward first task to do when it comes to how to succeed in a new job. It’s obvious that the best and easiest way to work well in a workplace is by becoming friends with your colleagues.

As a newly employed worker, endeavour to create an atmosphere for mutual relationships between you and your co-workers. Make a memorable first impression by preparing thoughtful, conversational and informal questions to ask them which can help you stay connected with them on a personal level.  This would obviously help create a mutual relationship with them.

Once you are friendly and open to your fellow colleagues, there is a higher chance of you progressing in the company because they would at all times provide you with the necessary assistance you need to succeed in the job.

2.  Be an Active Listener

All credits to a successful person in the workplace cannot only be traced to his or her performances alone. There are so many other attributes that facilitate being successful in a career; one is active or good listening.

Forming the habits of being a good listener is one effective step you can take on how to succeed in a new job.

Once you can pay close attention to instructions from your boss, manager, supervisors, teammates, it will be very difficult for you to make mistakes because you will be aware of the detailed instructions that were passed to you for the job.

Active listening in the workplace is remarkable action that can help improve your overall work performance and reduce misunderstandings, errors, and failures.  It is a vital soft skill every professional needs to have.

#3: Make Use of Time Management Skills

A new job can get you overwhelmed quickly with so many tasks on the table for you to work on. Creating good time management skills can however help you reduce the pressure of working by taking up tasks based on priorities. This is an easy yet effective means of how to succeed in a new job.

First, to go about this, you need to prioritize every task you ought to work on. Assign a degree of importance to each of the tasks and work on the ones with the highest degree of importance down to the least.  This can drastically help you work effectively and productively in any workplace you find yourself in. But, if you’re unsure of how to prioritize the tasks, reach out to your supervisor or team leader to help you prioritize them.

Additionally, being helpful is good but when it’s overdone, it can tamper with your productivity. Learn to say “No’ to certain requests from your colleagues when you have a lot of work on your table that you are not certain to complete.

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4.  Don’t Make Requests Too Early

Don’t be too in a haste to make early requests as a new hire. It is a wrong thing to do and can affect you later on as you progress working in the company.

It is common these days to see new hires make demands on their first or second week in the workplace. Some of these demands include how they want their schedule handled and how they desire to handle their work.

But, no matter how tight your schedule may look, avoid being tempted to make early requests, rather focus to be outstanding in your work performance. Trust doesn’t happen in a day; it takes some time and it is earned. Once you earned yours, then you can confidently make your requests on how you want your schedules or other things you need to sort out.

5.  Be a Good Team Player

Working with a team? This step on how to succeed in a new job will help you in the team.

In most positions, you will be assigned to work with a team. While some may be working on a project already, others may want to start a new project. Whichever situation you find yourself in, aim to be a good team player by consistently volunteering to help out even with tasks not delegated to you.

In some cases, you may find out they are not doing the right thing. Talk to them politely about their mistakes and possible corrections without being rude or boastful. Also, avoid being challenging or competitive with your team members. It will deter keeping a strong relationship with your teammates.

6.  Ask Questions a Lot

Asking a lot of questions is also another important step to take on how to succeed in a new job.  As someone new to the company, no one expects you to know everything about the company or your role. The quickest way to gain clarity about these things is to ask questions frequently and know what to say when starting a new job.

Keep in mind, when asking questions pay close attention to the response that is given to you so as not to bring up the same question again. This may show shat you lack paying attention to details and can be likened to you doing the same thing when given instructions on any task.

Additionally, you ought to have some basic knowledge about the company and the role you have been employed for. Endeavour to do some more research before you resume your job because once you start asking these basic questions, you may be seen as someone unqualified for the job.

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7:  You Need a Mentor

You need to get a mentor; this can help you in many ways when you begin a new job.

Getting a mentor as a new hire can be tough at the beginning, but as time goes on and you keep practising the above mentioned six steps to take on how to succeed in a new job, you should be able to get someone to confide in for guidance as your mentor.

Be mindful of your selection. Go for someone who you can always talk with, motivate, inspire, and can provide with you strategic directions that can lead you to a successful career.


Once newly employed in a new place, predicting whether you can be successful in the position or how long you can work with the company can be very difficult. But once you keep to the easy and proven seven steps on how to succeed in a new job, you stand a higher chance of excelling in the new position.

That’s it on this guide on how to succeed in a new role.

Hope you found it helpful?

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