How To Get a Job With No Experience (5 Proven Tactics)

If you are just starting in your career or wants to change into another career, the fear on how to get a job with no experience may freak you, but it’s not as difficult as you may have imagined. In fact, at one point in time, every professional you see today had had this same challenge at some point in their career.

Notwithstanding, if you can approach job searching with the perfect strategy, you can use your relevant skills, educational background, and other abilities to prove to the employer that you’re the right fit for the job., no matter how little to no experience you have.

Curious to find out more on how to get a job with no experience? Read on to uncover the proven steps to take on how to get a job with no experience quickly.

How to Get a Job with No Experience

1. Utilize Your Academic Experience as Much as Possible

If you are a fresh starter in the workforce, you should endeavour to capitalize on your academic experience because it can stand in as your work experience. Think back about class projects, assessments, presentations, internships, and even personal work that you embarked on as a part of your education.

You can highlight these experiences in your resume and in job interviews too. Show employers that you’re a perfect candidate for their job. From your academic experience, you can highlight job-related skills such as programming, financial analysis, etc., including soft skills like good communication, leadership, public speaking, multitasking, and even more.

Also, if a resume is the core job application document used in your country, it’s best to place the “Education” section at the top of your resume if you have no work experience to write about. You should also use specific accomplishments and bullets starting with verbs like “Organized”, “Led”, “Implemented”, etc.

2. Build Professional Network

Networking has always and will continue to be one of the fastest ways to get a job.  The power of networking cannot be overstated, no matter the industry you desire to work in. Search and reach out to professionals in your field via social media or email and ask them out for a coffee or if they can speak with you over the phone. Ask them questions about the field and the advice they can give to someone like you who is just starting in the field.

These processes are also referred to as informational interviews. They are a great way to learn more about the field you’re interested in while also building your network by making friends in the field.  While building these connections with your network, it’s always advisable not to request a job or recommendation the first you meet the person. You should take some time to talk about your greatest strengths and weaknesses, and how you plan to improve.

Keep in mind that you may not be extremely close with every person you talk to but the more informational interview you do, the more likely you will build real connections that may translate to a job or recommendation later.

3. Work Your Way Up

Another quick way to get the career you desire is to work your way up from the bottom. This is one of the effective steps to take on how to get a job with no experience.  All you need do is to look for an entry-level role or even an internship and start to build your experience from there. Although it may not pay well as you would like but it surely will give you some vital experience to put on your resume or use as a talking reference in an interview.

If you can’t afford to live on a pay cut or work in an unpaid internship role, try finding an additional part-time or flexible job that you can earn the income you need while also gaining the experience you need for the lower-paid or unpaid opportunity. Working two jobs simultaneously may seem like a lot to do, but taking this extra workload will pay off in the long run as you would have enough work experience to talk about when you decide to go for your main career pursuit.

4. Take Courses and Get Certifications

Here is also another effective way on how to get a job with no experience. Enrol in some online courses and certification. Many platforms offer outstanding courses online, such as Skillshare and Udemy. You can enrol on any of your desired courses there.

Certain fields and topics have specific certifications you can find, too. For example, software engineering need courses related to coding boot camps, and so on.

The right course you should take depends on your situation and goals, but don’t neglect to check out this option if you’re trying to get a job with no experience and feeling stuck.

Also, beware of expensive certifications as a starter, though; you can often find similar course contents on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare at a very affordable rate.  And while you can find certifications that are well-known and highly-regarded (Like the PMP certification for project managers), many others are just used to entice employers into hiring you and paying a lot of money.

5. Do it on Your Own

Lastly on the steps to take on how to get a job with no job experience; do it on your own.  Many careers, especially the creative ones, require you to prove how capable you are in the work by coming up with side projects on your own.

If your dream is to be a writer, you can create a free website using platforms like Wix or Blogger and start posting your content in it. If it’s marketing, develop a strategy you can use to promote yourself through social media and digital marketing. If it’s graphic design, you can create a portfolio website or Instagram and publish your design samples there. Whichever creative role you want to apply for, consider first creating a sample portfolio before applying.

Additionally, coming up with your projects will not only show that you possess the required skills for the job, but also an incredible amount of initiative. It tells your potential employers that you are so into the work that you spend a reasonable amount of time creating samples without making money from it.

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Starting up a career can take a lot of time to gain work experience and you can find it very difficult to secure a job. However, the 5 proven steps on how to get a job with no experience discussed in this article can help make the process much easier for you to get a job.

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