How to Build a Professional Network (7 Proven Steps)

To be successful in your profession, learning how to build a professional network is essential knowledge you need to be acquainted with. As you’d already know, professional networks remain one of the most effective tools for getting a job.

There are many benefits at your fingertips to gain when you have the right professional network for your career. Your network or connection (as many would call it) can help you in getting jobs, clients, sponsors, mentorship, and many more. There are no limits to what a professional network can help you achieve in your professional career.

 Professional networks play a key role in a workplace than your exception skills and educational background Having the right connection will always make your professional journey easier and better than you can ever imagine.

For a starter or top-level professional, learning how to build a professional network should be taken seriously, and if you are unsure how to go about it, we’ve outlined the effective steps to take on how to build a professional network.

Who is a Professional Network?

In short, professional networks are a group of individuals who shares the same career interests ad goals. It is a collaborative connection, with people who have work experience, skills, connections that can be beneficial to one another.

Professional networks assist one another in solving business-related issues like submitting job applications, getting a job, assisting with sponsors and sponsorship, providing one another with clients, and other relevant career supports.

However, professional networks are not limited to business-related matters, they also provide help with personal matters.

How to Build a Professional Network

Building a professional network is the foundation to a successful career. This may be all you need to have in securing any dream jobs of yours. Follow the below steps on build a professional network the right way.

1.  Start with Those You Already Have

The very first step to take on how to build a professional network is to start with those you already have around you. Look around you and select those that blend with you and share similar career goals and interests with you.

No rule states that a professional network must be an HR manager, an employer, or a CEO of a company (it’s a big win to have any of them though). As long as he or she shares like-minded business goals with you, he or she is good to be your network. It can be anyone in your field or related field.

Additionally, the closes network to find around you is your family member, friends, classmates, and neighbours. It is much easier to start with where you’ve already built a relationship before moving up in search of more. This can be applied to how to build a professional network in college where you would have some connections, to begin with.

2.  Reach Out to the Right People

When you want to start to build your professional network, endeavour to reach out to the right people.  They are meant to be people who share similar carer interests and goals with you and not the opposite.

And it shouldn’t be only about the numbers. Instead of focusing on giving out your business card sporadically in networking events, seminars, etc., and making 100s of random people a part of your professional network, it is better to have 10 individuals who share the same career ambitions as you do.

3. Build Good Relationship Habits

A network simply exists as a result of a series of relationships and connections between different people. Individuals of a network must relate with and respect one another to establish valuable working exchanges among themselves.

If you are bad at keeping good relationships with people, you will struggle to keep a solid relationship with your professional network.  So, you should take the first bold step to build solid relationships with your network. This is a great step on how to build a professional network that you need to be very serious with.

4.  Make Use of Social Media

Social Media platforms can be effectively used for building a professional network. They have a big dataset that you can tap from to connect with people who share the same career ambitions as you.

There are lots of social media platforms out there, however, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are renowned to be the best social media platforms for building professional networks.

  • Facebook: is a great social media platform to look out to when you want to build a professional network. You can build networks from your friend lists, or Facebook groups and pages.
  • Twitter: is a powerful social networking site you can use to build a professional network. A lot of professionals consider Twitter as their desired social media platform. With Twitter’s hashtags related to your field, you can reach out to millions of people around the world to connect with.
  • LinkedIn: has been the most prominent social media platform to build professional networks because it is specifically created to connect with professionals. LinkedIn provides lots of features to use when you want to build your professional network.

5.  Create a Networking Group

Another good step to take on how to build a professional network is by creating a networking group that you can use to attract people that shares the same career goals as you. It can be in form of group chats, group video or audio conferencing, to talk about topics in your field or related fields.

For example, you can create a group discussing current trends in your fields, tools, technologies that will attract a lot of people in your field, and as the creator, most of the members would want to connect with you.

6.  Always Attend Networking Events

Networking events are the best place to meet people who are willing to create a professional connection with you.  Attending networking events is a good move to take when reflecting on how to build a professional network because you will be presented with a lot of options to choose from.

Networking events suitable for building a professional network can be a local networking event, your company or a friend company’s networking event. In there, you will meet a lot of people in your field or related field to connect with.

A rule of thumb on how to build networking skills states that when going for a networking event is to have many copies of your business card and also prepare an intro speech otherwise known as an elevator speech to kickstart your conversation with whomever you come in contact with.

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7.  Create a Profitable Relationship

After you have been able to get some individuals to be your professional networks, an ideal way to keep a strong relationship with them is to create a profitable relationship or let me put it this way, a win-win situation. This is a vital action on how to build a professional network.

Everything shouldn’t be all about you. Yes, they are your professional network to help you but you should consider them as well.  You must keep a relationship where both you and every other member of your network benefits from one another.


Learning how to build a professional network can help you stand out in your professional career especially when you can build the right professional network. It will be much easier for you to get your requests related to your carer attended to.

And remember, don’t neglect the effectiveness of reconnecting with your network once in a while. Try to reach out to them whenever it’s long you last chatted with them.

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