How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

Looking for how to get a Canada student visa to study in Canada as an international student? You’ve navigated to the right track and this article will guide you on how to apply for a Canada student visa.

Year after year, students from all over Africa scour the internet for information on how to obtain a student visa in Canada to study in Canada.

Study In Canada

First, to study in Canada, you must get a student. In some cases, you may not require a student visa especially when your program is only 6 months long.

However, it’s crucial to obtain a Canadian study permit before migrating to Canada.

Here’s why:

If you want to continue your education in another program but don’t yet have a student visa, you’ll have to leave for your home county, apply for one, and then return.

We are all aware of how time-consuming and upsetting it may be. So it’s always best to obtain a student visa.

Another advantage of getting study permission before you move to Canada is that if it expires while you’re still in the country, you can reapply for it there.

Additionally, obtaining a study permit as a full-time student in a recognized higher institution can give you the privilege to operate off-campus and apply for internships and jobs.

It can also assist you in remaining in Canada after your studies to apply for permanent residency.

How to Apply For A Study Permit In Canada

The Canada student Visa or Canada study permit can be applied in two distinct modes.

One method is to apply online, while the other is to apply offline via a handwritten application

The application process is detailed on the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) website. However, you should know that the offline process takes much longer time than that the online process. So, it’s advisable to go for the online application process which is more efficient.

For the requirements, you’ll need your debit or credit card for making the online payment if you apply online. Scanned copies of the documents listed for the application are also required.

Depending on your country, the required documents may differ from other countries. So, the immigration office in your country will inform you of the required paperwork as well as the CIC website.

How Can I Get a Student Visa in Canada?

Below are the steps to apply for and obtain a Canadian student visa.

Step 1: Obtaining a formal letter of admission from a recognized institution in Canada is the first thing you’d have to do before you apply to get a student visa in Canada.

If the university you choose is located in Quebec, you also need a certificate of acceptance or CAQ, given by the government.

Not to worry, you can obtain all of these on the internet, so it’s not as difficult as you may think.

Step 2: After you’ve gotten your admission letter, you need to obtain the Canadian student application package. This information can be found on the CIC website.

Step 3: You’ll be asked some bio-data questions on the CIC online platform. To receive your student visa application, you must answer these questions correctly.

Keep in mind, that you shouldn’t enter any incorrect information and that anything you enter can be verified.

Step 4: If you’re eligible, you’ll be issued a personal checklist code that is effective for 60 days after the findings have been released.

Upon submitting your registration form, the code will be utilized.  Make a hard copy and a printout of the page that contains the checklist code for clarification purposes.

This page also includes a complete application process, an indication of the tuition fee, and a list of the required documents that you should submit.

Step 5: Once you’re all set to submit, you’ll need to create a Link myCIC account. This is where the checklist code you got in step will come in handy.

After, you’ll be provided with your unique document checklist, which will enable you to upload your documents to the myCIC platform. You’ll be required to do so.

Step 6: The final stage is when you send your registration to CIC. However, ensure that all your documents are in order, your credentials correct and that you’ve completed the payments before submitting them.

Once everything is checked, you are ready to submit it.

Finally, after you are granted the application, you will be given a letter of introduction from the port of entry (POE).

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All students from countries that require an electronic travel authorization (ETA) and/or a temporary resident visa will be issued this document.

The ETA is connected to your password, therefore, ensure you go with the same passport you used to register for the Canada student visa. This ETA is valid for up to five years or until your passport expires, whichever one comes first.

Best of luck with your application to obtain a student visa to study in Canada. You can also check available scholarships in Canada