How To Ace a Job Interview Like a Pro

An interview can be intimidating and if not well prepared can ruin your chances of getting a job you’ve been following up for months. This can demoralize you which in turn may likely cause you to lose interest in the job search. However, there are certain proven steps that you can take on how to ace a job interview like a pro and land yourself that dream job of yours when you go for the interview.

Curious to find out how to ace a job interview like a pro? Keep reading…

How to Ace a Job Interview Like a Pro

1. Do Your Research

Just like you would do for any project you want to embark on, do your research about the organization before you go for the interview. This is the first step to take on how to ace a job interview like a pro because it helps you become knowledgeable about the company, its accomplishments, goals, vision and mission.

When conducting your research about the company, their official website is always a good starting point.  There you can learn about their history, culture, recent announcements, past and upcoming events, core values and much more.

Furthermore, if the company is a big one, it should have an online presence. You can search the company on Google and read about the company on different websites/blogs, browse reviews, Q&A and more. Doing this research will help you gain knowledge about the company and you’ll be able to quickly blend your experiences, background, and qualification with the company’s interests.

2. Study the Job Description

Next, don’t just read through the job description and move on to sending your application. Even if you already have, consider spending some time to study the Job description adequately.  In a job listing, the job’s roles and responsibilities are what you’ll be talking about most in the interview. So, it is right to know these things at hand to prepare how to explain how well you are the best fit for them.

More so, pay close attention to keywords such as experience, required skills, and focus on the qualities that a successful candidate ought to have for the role. Taking this particular step on how to ace a job interview like a pro will tailor your qualifications and goals to align with the job description.

3. Practice Answering Job Interview Questions

Although you. are most likely going to be asked company or job-specific questions, most interviews also include a few standard interview questions. These questions are known to be common interview questions and they are must ask questions during an interview. To work this out, review a list of popular job interview questions, and practice how well you would answer them. You can prep with a family member or friend that can stand in as an Interview.

Always keep it at the back of your mind that continuous practice leads to perfection, and also focus your responses on the company, the role, and your relevant skills, qualifications, and goals.

4. Be Prepared

If you can, know the name of the interviewer so that you can use it to address him/her during the interview. You can quickly get the name of the person interviewing you from the receptionist or secretary in charge of the interview before the interview starts.

Also, take along with you extra copies of your resume and a list of references. You never can predict how many people will conduct the interview and one or two more that may want to join the interview. Extra copies of your documents do the magic and can help make you stand out.

5. Dress Appropriately

The first impression matters a lot when it comes to an interview. What you wear to a job interview can be that first impression bossier you need to skyrocket your chances of getting the job.  But, wait a sec, you don’t need to buy a new suit if you’re vying for a position at a local supermarket or restaurant. Just keep your simple, neat, and professional.

It is advisable to do your research too about the outfit that staffs wear in the company. If you can’t find any there is no big deal giving HR a call to inquire about it.  For corporate jobs, pants and a button-up shirt or a knee-length dress always do the magic, while neat jeans and sneakers also do the magic for a tech position too. If you’re unsure of what to put on, a corporate outfit will always fit, besides, you can always adjust your dress style when you get the job.

6. Arrive on Time

Your arrival time at the interview also gives the hiring manager an impression of your arrival time when you get the job.  You’re most likely to be considered late work if you turn up late for an interview. Thus, it is one of the most crucial steps on how to ace a job interview like a pro you wouldn’t want to joke with.

For an interview that is scheduled for 10 AM, you have to arrive at 9:45. Let it be 15 minutes before the interview but not up to 40 mins so you don’t make the person interviewing feel uncomfortable. If you’re unsure of the location, scout the place beforehand. If you’re unsure of the traffic situation that day, make sure you leave extra early. And if you end up arriving too soon, you can wait in your car or find a gentle place to stay before heading back to the interview ground 15 minutes before it starts.

7. Be Confident

You need to be confident and cool, you’re not feeling either of both, try to fake it!. Ensure you maintain good posture, smile and make eye contact with the person interviewing.

It is understandable to be a little nervous during an interview, the interviewer knows that too, but wants you to try and stay cool even when you fidget.

Remember, the way you present yourself during an interview shows how you’ll like to do when talking to future co-workers and clients. Just like your employer would expect you to pull off a new deal with a client, he or she wants you to do the same during an interview.

8. Use STAR Technique

The STAR technique which stands for Situation Task Action Result is a technique that best describes the action taken to handle common situations and the results gotten from it. it is mostly deployed to tackle behavioural interview questions.

Whenever you’re asked a behavioural question, you can answer by first explaining the context of the situation and your role or tasks in them. Next, talk about the actions you took to handle the circumstances and the results that were achieved.

9. Be Curious, Ask Questions

Whichever way the interview goes, always remember that an interview is a two-way street – your interviewer is checking you out to see if you’re the perfect fit for the open position in the company, likewise you, checking to see if the company fits your value, goal, and work style. At some point, mostly at the end of the interview, you’ll be asked if you have any questions.

The first step on how to ace a job interview which is doing your research about the company should give you some questions to ask the interviewer. In addition, keeping a mental note of interesting things said by the interviewer that you’re curious to hear more about should also give you more questions to ask too. Some handy questions to ask include:

  • What do you like about this organization?
  • Why do you choose to work here instead of in another company?
  • What does success in this role look like?
  • What’s the next step in the hiring process?

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10. Follow Up after the Interview

Once you’re done with the interview, you don’t need to relax and wait. You can take additional steps by following up the interview which can increase your chances of getting the job.

Consider sending a thank-you email to the hiring manager a day after the interview. Let the mail contain your interest in the position and also express your gratitude for the interview. If you are yet to get a response within a week after the job listing closes, consider sending a follow-up email expressing your continued interest in the position and willingness to participate in the next hiring process.